We’ve been re-charging and servicing air-conditioning systems in cars for more than 30 years, Autotech are specialists in the service and repair of Land Rover, German marques including Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and VAG group cars, MOT testing, tyres, brakes, exhausts and air conditioning.
As well as our core services, we also provide a full air conditioning recharge service
All of our services are provided by our fully qualified, trained engineers specialising in air conditioning recharge (regas), servicing, parts fitting, fault diagnosis, and repair of your car, van etc..
Whatever the problem with your car air conditioning system we can offer to investigate the fault, then fix it whether it needs a simple car air con recharge, repair, service or parts fitting.

If your car air con were not functioning, as you’d like it may just need an air con recharge.

We can diagnose any air con related problems you may be having and if it’s just a case of the car air conditioning needs regassing then we can do that there and then.

Not only are we able to recharge the more common refrigerant, r134a used in 90% of cars today. We are also able to do a R1234yf Car Air Conditioning Recharge. This newer gas is now standard on all new cars so a standard air con recharge is often not available at many A/C specialists, as different equipment is needed. Contact us today if you need a R1234yf air con recharge.